Invisible and everywhere,

links made us one with everything.

I paint to search and tell stories through shapes and colours relationships

to enlighten them.

Integral to my art comes my viewpoint influenced by life

as a jazz musician,

my previous career as an architect and a cultural history of my French upbringing.

Born in France in September 4th 1967


Moved to Paris for studying engineering at 17yo

Stopped Mathematics for Arts and Architecture studies

Became an architect and opened his studio in 1997 in Paris

Married Stephanie in 1998

Designed and built residential and commercial Architecture

Created  scenography for plays, public and corporate events

Left France for Australia in a cargo ship in 2005

Inspired by Leadership training, get engaged in

culture change, organisational coaching, 

 community, and and property development

Became Australian in 2009

Get Father of Lucas in 2010, Floyd &Sasha in 2013

Travelled to France between 2015 and 2018

Started professional status as a visual artist

Came back to Adelaide home and community in 2018